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So we're all half vaccinated and ready to go - still unable to practise in the same room but happy that things are moving along. Love or hate the British Government, there is no doubt that staying at home has to be a good option. Mixing with the great unwashed is fine for a sweaty gig night, but when it could actually cost someone the gift of life it makes sense to stay home. The down-side of course - is all the hard working beautiful people and venues that make our leisure time so happy for us, not just as a gigging band but also those birthday parties, drinks with mates and dinner out with loved ones. They're the ones who have suffered most with the hospitality closures. As the light at the end of the tunnel looms closer and bars begin to open (outside currently) we can also cross the days off on the Conspiracy Rising calendar for when we can properly practise again. We have gigs booked in through to the end of the year, a wedding and a significant birthday party and a 50/50 chance of British Super Bikes, but we know it will be a short gigging year for events for everyone. So let's make the most of it and as a band if we see you out and about we only ask that we all take care of each other, be mindful of others and don’t be a dick if you're asked to wear a mask or social distance.

May - Jun 2021

With only a few weeks before we can legally practise in the same room - we have gigs booked in through to the end of the year, a wedding and a significant birthday party and a 50/50 chance of British Super Bikes. - however we do know it will be a short gigging year for events. We do have dates available but are in conversation currently with lots of venues about gigs. The downside obviously is that we're likely to have to push stuff into 2022. That said we're pleased to be heading in the right direction and have still got ideas for events we can promote that will pull crowds and potentially bring some of the UK's top rock tributes to Lincoln - watch this space - in the meantime - sanitise, don't cuddle, don't hug, do tell people you love them, zoom call your elderly relatives (they can cope with zoom and will love you more for it) and most of all love yourself as you are the one that matters most <3.

Jul 2021

After a longer wait than anticipated following the "Covid Freedom Day" false start we finally return to live gigging!!!! We are very happy and honoured to be playing a wedding this month, which was a booking made two years ago and then subsequently delayed. It should be a cool event as its being staged in a yurt with everyone able to pitch their own tents and party well into the night as it’s in a rural location. A perfect event to start 2021 off.

In other news British Super Bikes at Cadwell park in Lincolnshire has been given the green light to be held as a full capacity attendance with weekend camping and live entertainment - we are just waiting for confirmation of which night we will be there and will update social media and the website when we get the nod.

We've been able to get back to a proper practise schedule so have a few new tracks to add to the arsenal plus two of our very own that we feel are good enough to see a first public outing - we'll save them for a friendly pub later down the line and try and grab some video so we can showcase them etc.

Hope to see some of the usual friendly faces very soon so come up and say hello and maybe even a cautious fist bump may ensue! 😊

Aug 2021


Boom! What a great night, we particularly enjoyed the free bar and hog roast 😊, aside from that the bride and groom were awesome and the whole place just bounced from the moment we started through to the three encores and final chords of the night - 2hrs 45mins of your finest rock music to dance your heart out to - we're eternally grateful to those who were there for jumping about like loons for the whole time. Steg managed close to two hours before needing a wee (a new record) and to everyone for singing back at us like you've never heard - 'if Carlsberg did rock weddings!'... No kebab required as we were still full of apple sauce, pork and crackling

Cadwell Super Bikes

So this year saw a return to party time - 'Friday Night is Rock Night!' - started at 9:00pm to a crowd circa 750 in size, both inside the marquee and spread across the field outside - weather behaved itself and we were all like coiled springs. The crowd were exactly the same - for many of us it was the first outdoors event after lockdowns, mixed in with live music for the first time for alot of people in a long time and you had the perfect storm! (the boys from leeds were there with the "beer bong" again - respect). Only twenty mins in and shirts were being swirled above heads and arms raised aloft. People just kept coming and with the later 9pm start time, it had allowed people to arrive, set up tents, eat and then make their way over - so by 9:30 we had a full marquee and people as far as the eye could see. As it got darker it was clear that people had come prepared as glow stick sand flashing jackets could be seen across the paddock and everyone was in fine voice. Standing onstage and listening to the fine voice of so many people sing the words and applaud was very special - and all the more so for having escaped the lockdown situations of the previous year. We threw out some CR caps (one of which has made it to Cornwall), the others yet to surface. - one to remember for sure! Only one went for a kebab

Sept 2021

White swan - Market Rasen

Last time we played here was over two years ago and we had a great night then - fast forward to 18th sept 2021 and it was like nothing had changed (only jesus resisted the urge to eat steak and chips like the previous time). We set up and emptied the drummers bladder as much as we could and launched into a new routine where we sew a few tracks together to get everyone going. For the more observant amongst us we also noted and appearance of several theme tunes amongst solos (we'll give you one as a starter - Simpsons theme in one of the turnaround parts in 'Rockin in the Free World'). Speedy's also picked out some Egyptian scales over the last few weeks which no doubt will surface in a medley at some point. The place was fairly full and they meant business - some proper good 'dad' dancing from some coupled with some good ol' fashioned pogo moves saw everyone have a great night. We moved the setlist about to match the mood which saw us drop a new Whitesnake track but on the night it was the right thing to do and replace it with 'Livin on a Prayer' to finish the encores. Steg's bladder true to form maxed out at 90 mins in the second set so a small instrumental section materialised to allow him time to 'de-stress'. Great night had by all and a return due in November! No kebab as it was late by the time we drove through Lincoln

Oct - Dec 2021 (extra Covid)

The Still - Lincoln - Oct 2nd

Bingo Bango! It was like we'd never been away! This place rocks big time! A lot of the usual suspect faces appeared, plus friend of the band (who we will call 'Camping Hayley'). Everyone it seemed was up for a sing and strut! We love it here precisely because its up close, with people literally standing on the monitors in front of us - we wouldn't have it any other way. This is truly a city centre pub for locals - so we played hard, long and late - 4 went for kebabs. Nice!

The Navigation - Newark 20th Nov

Turned out to be a subdued night at the navigation - maybe it was the wrong time of the month for people to come out and about but it was low in numbers. We still did our thing to the best of our abilities and afterwards we agreed that it was the best we'd played there. We've yet to agree another date there but hope to be back in the new year at some point - although we may try an acoustic event on a Sunday afternoon if they're up for it.

White swan - Market Rasen - 11th Dec

So the last gig of 2021 was a great night. Despite some disappointment in the number of gigs we had actually managed in 2021 we were proud of the quality we had managed to maintain and improve on at each gig since we started back up again. Faced with lockdowns, testing, illness and restrictions on basic daily actions we were happy to have a final outing at probably the best pub outside of Lincoln. The crowd sang their hearts out and made it a night to remember for us. Martin the landlord was chuffed and we headed home with our chests pushed out and heads high. With no new years gig to aim at we put the bass player back into the fridge and took the split pin out of the drummer just in case his spring popped out in the bag before next year. Let's hope 2022 sees a bit more action eh?

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