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Updated: Jul 19, 2022

1st April - Black Bull - Ruskington

We had a full house (mainly because we bussed a bunch of friends in for free and gave them drinks) and played our hearts out for 3hours. The landlord was hugely thankful. Our friends emptied his stocks of tequila and limoncello . A great night, obviously well attended. Happy days!

23rd April - Beer And Bean - Sleaford

A decent set up but a bit like playing in the wild west. Some questionable clienteles

3rd June - Treaty Of Commerce - Lincoln

Very small - a bit like playing in someone’s front room - tidy gig and well appreciated by the landlord

25th June - The Wheatsheaf - Waddington

Double booked us and cancelled us the day before - total cluster f**k! (how do you even double book a band in a pub?)

2nd July - The Gatehouse - Lincoln

Great pub and attendance, and we watched the football at the same time courtesy of the range of overhead TVs that we could see but the audience couldn't

20th August - Radars Big Horn Rally - Derby

A fun event, well managed and attended. We were fist on during the day but that didn't matter. Footage of this has made our show-reel video.

27th August - Rock Haven - Lincoln

Very small and difficult to load in and out of. A late night 'rock joint' that's since closed. The sort of place you wipe your feet when leaving.

28th August - Party In The Park - Wheatsheaf - Waddington

Timing issues by the pub - effectively zero stage management so opted to bail and didn’t get to play - went home early to watch match of the day - how hard is it to set stage times?

16th September - Oktoberfest - Sleaford

Best gig ever - large stage, decent lighting - inside a huge marquee. 45 min set time was the only downer otherwise a top notch evening.

24th September - Red Lion - Wellingore

One of our local pubs with friendly faces so had a blast for this one.

7th October - Flying Circus - Newark

A decent setup although the landlord said we were too loud for his normal punters as they like the blues. Theres some good iphone footage of this and the sound quality is excellents so we just decided he didn't like us, simple as that. Anyway the punters came up to us afterwards to chat and show appreciation

8th October - The Still - Lincoln

This place was jumpin' - city centre drinkers den with lots of lively characters and a brilliant landlord - will turn out to be one of our very regular slots

29th October - Royal Oak Inn - Holton Le Clay

Pub cancelled us a few days before with some weak excuse about closing for a refurbishment (!!)

10th November - Eight Jolly Brewers - Gainsborough

The weirdest place we've played - up two flights of stairs and the stage area can best be described as a landing between two floors. Room for us and about 6 people - one of which was particularly feisty.

19th November - Rum Runners - Retford

Cancelled us - decided to book in a golf society xmas party instead of us. Thankfully we rang a few days before to check the gig was still happening otherwise, we would have travelled there to have to come home -- honestly what do some people think is acceptable???

9th Dec - Lion And Royal - Navenby

Another of our local pubs and a fantastic night was had by everyone. We now play here very regularly and the landlord loves a good live band so we tick all the boxes there.

23rd December - Navigation - Newark

What we thought would be a good night turned out to be a bit of a damp squib. Nobody turned out much which was odd as it was the last Saturday before xmas - we later discovered there was a big xmas event in Newark town centre and the navigation is a little removed and off the beaten track so to speak.

31st Dec - New Years Eve - Marquis Of Granby - Wellingore

Stupendous! The third of our local pubs - this was the new landlords first new year as well. All the planets aligned - we played our hearts out and the pub was standing room only - this really was the finest of nights and we were still buzzing while we loaded out. Our bass player got very drunk

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