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hard at practice!
8 weeks since our last gig has given us an opportunity to finally nail down the alternative arrangements a fully acoustic gig actually needs. people may think that to do an acoustic gig you just play the same stuff but just on a different guitar - the truth is very much different. to make the music have some texture it requires every one in the band to do something different. it also means that you have to choose different tracks to work with, because not everything you would do with a full electric set up works with acoustic. We sometime use a Variax guitar which mimics an acoustic sound but plays very much as an electric guitar, but to get the full acoustic sound we need to use different td guitars and an acoustic guitar handle very much differently to an electric. if you imagine relearning how to drive on a left hand drive car, all the same components just in a different place, you'll get the idea. - conspiracy rising unplugged - 8th February at the lion and royal. (see our drummer sit on a box and try to erase his finger prints by hitting it really hard with the ends of his fingers)

rogue saint

first outing for 2020 - boy what a night!! we were like coiled springs and it seemed that everyone else was too as the long road away from xmas came close to pay day. the calendar said 24th January, but we were sure it was January the 650th!. it was a hot affair but plenty of singing and dancing ensued. we played close to 3hrs in total and despite shouts for more the curfew kicked in and we played the final notes around 12:45 am. some fine dancing, some fine cheering and a volume of applause that tolds us we had hit the right balance with our setlist. love this place !